Charlie Feathers

I Can't Hardly Stand It

Charlie Feathers

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I Can't Hardly Stand It

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e---------------| b---------------| G---------------| D---------------| A---1h2-1h2-----| E-0---------0---|
E Well, the sun's gone down And you're uptown And you're just out runnin' around A I can't hardly stand it You're troublin' me E I can't hardly stand It just can't be B7 A Well, you don't know, a-babe I love you so E You got me all tore up, all tore up E You say you're trough with me You're settin' me free You're just out with your used-to-be Chorus E Well, my spirit's low I miss you so I stand alone and watch you go Chorus E Well, now that you are gone And I'm alone All I do is sit and moan Chorus

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chords Charlie Feathers - I Can't Hardly Stand It
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