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The South's Gonna Do It Again Chords

Charlie Daniels

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by Rowane

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The South's Gonna Do It Again

A       D    A    F7 E7   D7 C7   A 
Verse 1 
Well the train to Grinder's Switch is runnin' right on time, 
And the Tucker boys are cookin' down in Caroline. 
People down in Florida can't be still, 
When old Lynyrd Skynyrd's pickin' down in Jacksonville. 
E                                D 
People down in Georgia come from near and far, 
To hear Richard Betts pickin' on that red guitar. 
A So gather round gather round children, Get down well just get down children, D A Get loud well you can be loud and be proud, And you can be proud here, E D A Be proud to a rebel 'cause the south's gonna do it again. And again.
LONG INSTRUMENTAL (same chords) A D A F7 E7 D7 C7 A Verse 2 -------- A Elvin Bishop's sittin' on a bale of hay, He ain't good lookin' but he sure can play. D And there's ZZ Top and you can't forget, A That old brother Willie's gettin' soakin' wet. E D And all the good people down in Tennessee, A Are diggin' barefoot Jerry and the CDB. *REPEAT Chorus* LONG INSTRUMENTAL TO END OF SONG A D A F7 E7 D7 C7 A

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