Charley Pride

Mountain Of Love

Charley Pride

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Mountain Of Love

         Standing on a mountain looking down on a city 
         The way I feel is a dog-gone pity 
         Teardrops are fallin' down the mountainside 
         Many times I've been here and many times I cried 
            E7                   D 
         We used to be so happy, when we were in love 
         A         E7          A 
         High on a mountain of love 
         Night after night I been standing here alone 
         Weeping my heart out till cold grey dawn 
         Prayin' that you're lonely and you come here too 
         Hopin' just by chance that I'll get a glimpse of you 
         E7                       D 
         Tryin' hard to find you, somewhere I love 
         A         E7          A 
         High on a mountain of love 
         D                   Dbm 
         Mountain of Love, a Mountain of Love 
         D              E 
         You should be ashamed 
         Bm               Dbm 
         You used to be a mountain of love 
             D                    E 
         But you just changed you name 
         Way down below there's a half a million people 
         Somewhere there's a church and a big tall steeple 
         Inside the church there's an alter filled with flowers 
         Wedding bells are ringing and it should have been ours 
         E7                        D 
         That's why I so lonely, I dream from above 
         A         E7          A 
         High on a mountain of love 


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