Charley Pride

Crystal Chandeliers

Charley Pride

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Crystal Chandeliers

	  		Crystal Chandeliers 
by Charlie Pride 
All the Acrystal chandeliers light up the E7paintings on your wall 
The marble statuettes 
Are standing Astately, in the hall, but will the timely crowd, 
       that has you laughing loud help you, Ddry your tears 
When the Anew wears off of your E7crystal chande-Aliers 
Verse 1: 
AI never did, fit in too well with E7folks you knew 
And it's plain to see that the likes of me don't Afit with you 
E7So you traded me for the gaiety of the Dwell to do 
And you Aturned a way from the E7love I offered Ayou 
Repeat Chorus: 
Repeat Verse 1: 
Verse 2: 
AI see your picture in the news most E7every day 
You're the chosen girl of the social world 
So the Astories say 
E7But a paper smile only Alast awile 
Then it Dfades away 
And the Alove we knew will come E7home to you some Aday 
Repeat Chorus: 


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