New World


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New World


C                              Em         Am 
Staring the stars, feeling the winds every time 
F                                          F/G                   G 
I cannot stop thinking of you, since you've been gone away from here 
C                             Em          Am 
Shedding the tears, crying out loud for once 
Cause you are such a precious part of me 
                          F/G              G 
And there's no one who'll fill my broken heart 


       Em        Am 
Oh but now, I have realized 
      Dm                   G 
The reason why I live in this world, 
      Em         Am         
Even you have left me here alone, 
Dm                              F             G 
I found the way where I can get hope for the future 

C E Baby, I'm gonna see the new world Am Em With nothing but the love you gave me F Em A Dm G Only thing I can do, is to trust the time we shared C E Baby, I'm gonna go to the new world Am Em With nothing but the strength you gave me F Em There's nothing to be afraid of, A Dm Ab I know your love will lead me where I should be F Ab C F#m Even if it is dark and hard time for me, F G C I don't wanna give up my hope

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