Candi Pearson-shelton

So High

Candi Pearson-shelton

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So High

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So High Key FmFm
Capo on 2nd fret

         Bm                G 
Lord, these are just words 
And are not enough 
To contain You. 

Bm            G 
Jesus, just words 
And can never suffice 
To acclaim You. 

Bm              G 
Father, just words 
And I have so few 
I run out too fast 
To speak them to You. 
(Repeat from "Father") 

A D Oh, You are indescribable, G D A You are beyond expression. D And I run out of words for You, G A I can't think that high. Bm So hear my spirit groan in me, E A painful sense of urgency. C G To tell You that You are to me, Bm So high.
Bridge: Bm G You are so high, G D You are so high, D A You are so high. (Return to Chorus)

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