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Flying On The Ground Is Wrong Chords

Buffalo Springfield

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by Nick+D

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Flying On The Ground Is Wrong

  		INTRO: A  /  /  Bm  /  /  Amaj7  /  /  Bm  /  /  
	   A  /  /  Am(added G)  /  /  Am6  /  /  Am 
	 A	Bm	     Amaj7   Bm 
	Is my world not falling down 
	  A	Bm     Amaj7    Bm 
	I?m in pieces on the ground 
	    NC        Bm 
	And my eyes aren?t open 
						A   Bm  Amaj7  Bm (like intro) 
	And I?m standing on my knees 
A E Bm But if crying and holding on D Bm And flying on the ground is wrong A A + Then I?m sorry to let you down D But you?re from Bm My side of town A Bm Amaj7 Bm And I?ll miss you A Bm Amaj7 Bm Turn me up or turn me down A Bm Amaj7 Bm Turn me off or turn me ?round Bm I wish I could have met you in a place A Bm Amaj7 Bm Where we both belong
(Chorus) (on last line hold on A, omit Bm, Amaj7 and Bm; go straight from A to bridge) BRIDGE: F G Em Am Sometimes I feel like I?m just a helpless child F G C Sometimes I feel like a king E But, baby Amaj7 Bm Amaj7 Since I have changed Bm Amaj7 D (tap guitar top 2x w/finger) D (repeat taps) I can?t take nothing home A Bm Amaj7 Bm City lights at a country fair A Bm Amaj7 Bm Never shine but always glare A Bm If I?m bright enough to see you A Bm Amaj7 Bm You?re just too dark to care (Chorus) (end last Chorus on held A chord) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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