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When You Love Someone Chords

Bryan Adams

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When You Love Someone

Year: 1997 - Album: MTV Unplugged

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INTRO: Am,G,C, Am,G,C E|-----------------------------------------| B|-5h8-10b--8b--------5h8-10b-12-10-8------| G|-------------8h9b-------------------7h9b-| D|-----------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------|
C G When you love someone, you'll do anything Am F You'll do all the crazy things, that you can't explain C Em,Am F G You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun, C G Am G When you love someone. C G You'll deny the truth, believe a lie Am F There'll be times that you believe, that you can really fly C Em,Am F G your lonely nights, have just begun, C When you love someone Am G C F When you love someone, you feel it deep inside Am G C F And nothin' else, could ever change your mind Dm F When you want someone, when you need someone, G When you love someone.
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Am,G,C, Am,G,C,F, Am,G,C, Dm,G E|------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------| B|-5h8-10b--8b--------5h8-10b-12-10-8------- |-12h13------------------------------------------| G|-------------8h9b-------------------7h9b-- |------12-14-16-14-12----------------------------| D|------------------------------------------ |--------------------12h14---15-14-12b--10-14-12-| A|------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------|
C G When you love someone, you'll sacrifice Am F Give it everything you've got, and you won't think twice C Em,Am F G You'll risk it all, no matter what may come, C When you love someone. F Fm C Em,Am F G ieh You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun, C C7 C When you love someone.

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