Brutal Attack

White Pride White Passion

Brutal Attack

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White Pride White Passion


Intro/Interlude: E  D  G  A  (3x)

E                            D 
Try and see the line between right and wrong 

            G                          A 
you're been livin' on a knife edge for much to long 

     E                 D 
the sun is rising on a brand new day 

    G                  A 
and here from my heart I wanna say 

D C Give me some hope and give me some freedom G A I wanna break out and love is the season D C born with nothing except my pride G A and my guardian angel at my side
Verse: E D I try to forgive and I try to forget G A but the memories keep coming ain't through yet E D you tell me it's nothing I tell you it's fate G A and the stories the same, we're all too late
E D I need some truth and I need some feelin' G A so show me the path that I should be leading E D born in the backstreets and left in the cold G A I learn't on my own the badness in this world
E D Now if I could I would lead you out G A I don't know the answers, but I see the doubt E D you gotta stand up and show your face G A if you stand in the shadows you ain't in the race

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chords Brutal Attack - White Pride White Passion
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