Waikiki You Me Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by ubirbomfim

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Waikiki You Me


Verse 1 
            D             D          A  G      D   D A   G 
well, I was walkin' on the beach with you- the other day 
      D             D        A  G        D   D A   G 
and I thought about the main-land cruise- darling 
    D             D           A     G      D   D A   G 
and how you'd be leaving everything you knew 
  D             D          A  G   D   D A   G 
a less simple life, simply me and you 

A D D I guess you just trust me so G A D D how much, I'll prob'ly never know A D D But the faith I have in you goes A D D D A G to the heavens where I blow my smoke
Verse D D A G D D A G well, I was lyin' in my room alone- last night D D A G D D A G rememberin' when it was me who was leavin' home D D A G D D A G such a distance, at times you might feel alone D D A G D D A G just you and me in Waikiki and now its time to go Chorus Bridge: G G Honolulu Beach with you G G warm Hawai'ian nights- everybody and you A G pink pastels paint a sky of blue A A the

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