Bruce Springsteen

Moonlight Motel

Bruce Springsteen

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Moonlight Motel

Written by Bruce Springsteen

	  		Intro: D Bm G A 

Verse: 1 

D                    Bm 
There's a place on a blank stretch of road where 
G                         A 
Nobody travels and nobody goes and the 
D                  Bm 
Deskman says these days 'round here 
      G                                         A 
Where two young folks could probably up and disappear into 
G                         D 
Rustlin' sheets, a sleepy corner room 
Bm       Bm/A   G 
Into the musty smell 
   D                       Bm 
Of wilted flowers and lazy afternoon hours 
       G   A       D  Bm G A 
At the Moonlight Motel 

Verse: 2 

        D                         Bm 
Now the pool's filled with empty, eight foot deep 
    G                                               A 
Got dandelions growin' up through the cracks in the concrete 
D                     Bm 
Chain-link fence half-rusted away 
      G                                         A 
Got a sign, says, "Children, be careful how you play" 
G                            D 
Your lipstick taste and your whispered secret 
  Bm       Bm/A      G 
I promised I'd never tell 
  D                        Bm 
A half-drunk beer and your breath in my ear 
       G   A       D  Bm G A 
At the Moonlight Motel 

G D/F# Well then, it's bills and kids and kids and bills Bm Bm/A G And the ringing of the bell D Bm Across the valley floor through the dusty screen door G A D Bm G A Of the Moonlight Motel
Verse: 3 D Bm Last night I dreamed of you, my lover G A And the wind blew through the window and blew off the covers D Bm Of my lonely bed, I woke to something you said G A That it's better to have loved, yeah, it's better to have loved G D As I drove, there was a chill in the breeze Bm Bm/A G And leaves tumbled from the sky and fell D Bm On a road so black as I backtracked G A D Bm To the Moonlight Motel G D She was boarded up and gone like an old summer song Bm Bm/A G Nothing but an empty shell D Bm I pulled in and stopped into my old spot Instrumental: G A Bm
G D I pulled a bottle of Jack out of a paper bag Bm Bm/A G Poured one for me and one for you as well D Bm Then it was one more shot poured out onto the parking lot G A D Bm G A D To the Moonlight Motel

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