Colour Me In


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Colour Me In


verse 1 
F    Fmaj7 Gm           Gm7 
I am grey, still on the page 
Oh colour me in 
F          Fmaj7 Gm          Gm7 
Just an outline, sketchy but fine 
Oh colour me in 

Eb F If green is chasing the hills over miles Eb F If blue is pursuing the sky Eb Am See if the red of your heart doesn't mind Gm Am Gm C7 Where you begin to colour me in
verse 2 F Fmaj7 Gm Gm7 Something new and nothing to do F Then I'm just the idea F Fmaj7 Gm Gm7 I must be real, 'cause somehow I feel F That I'm just the idea
Eb F Let's share the blue of the towering sky Eb F The green of the hills that roll by Eb Am Leave the red of your heart to decide Gm Am Gm C7 If you cannot choose which colour to use
verse 3 F Fmaj7 Gm Gm7 I'll always wait, it's never too late Fmaj7 Bb6 To colour me in Fmaj7 Bb6 To colour me in Gm Am Gm Am Today or next year, I'll always be here Gm Am C7 If you want to colour me in BRIDGE (Instrumental) F Fmaj7 Gm Gm7 Fmaj7 OUTRO F Fmaj7 Gm I'll always wait, it's never too late C7/G To colour me (4x) End with noise while playing C7

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