Sweet surrender


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Sweet surrender

Year: 1972 - Album: The Best of Bread

	  		Capo on first fret 
Unusual chords 
Bm7/E  024232 
E/D   - xx0100  
A/C#  - x42220 
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Intro 4/4 time A Bm7/E A Bm7/E e--------------------------- ----------------------------- b--------------------------- ----------------------------- g--------------------------- ----------------------------- D-----------8---10---------- ----------8---10------1210-- A-8---10-------------------- -8---10---------------------- E--------------------------- -----------------------------
Verse A Bm7/E A Bm7/E Baby Im through Running, its true A Bm7/E F#m A7 Id be a fool To try to escape you D E D E Maybe Im beat Oh, but that sweet surrender You keep your rights, Ill take your nights. No one can lose when we turn the lights out Tasting defeat, loving that sweet Into Bridge F#m F#m Surrender Bridge D E/D A Bm7/E Im giving up myself to you A/C# E F#m But I didnt really lose at all D E/D A A7 I gained the only love Ive known, and it never D E D E Hurt me to fall Verse 2 Now that its done, so glad you won I know our lives have only begun now No more retreat, only my sweet surrender

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