Bow wow

Be all I am

Bow wow

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Be all I am

	  		It?s in these times that I am thankful 
              D           F#    G 
It?s in these times when you remind me 
              Bm  C#    G 
Of how your grace flows so free 
   D           F#               G 
I know you don't expect me to be perfect 
   D                F#            G 
You sent Your Son to do all that for me 
   D               F#               G 
Though sometimes I feel like I'm performing 
  Bm                 C#          G 
Trying to be something I can never be 
D     C#  Bm -> G 
    Be all I am 
D     A   Bm -> G 
    Be all I need 
D     C#  C 
    Be all I want 
G               D 
    Be my Everything 
D              F#                
I lie awake at night sometimes  
G                        D F# G 
Tryin to figure out what's in Your mind 
        D                  F# 
What?s this grace!? What?s this mercy? 
   G                        D F# G 
To send us love: You gave Your life for me 
D               F#               G 
Sing to me this love song I can hardly comprehend 
D              F#                    G 
And build me a me understand  (help me understand) 
(To Chorus, then) 
     A               G 
Remind me O Lord of my sin 
   A                        G 
That I may hold tight to Your hand 
   A                           G 
The scars of my heart are gently bound 
       Em                    E->F#->G 
With the scars of your hands 
You lift me up again 
Chorus (slow) 
D F#          G    
   ...Be my Everything 


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chords Bow wow - Be all I am
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