Bobby Vee

Sharing You

Bobby Vee

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Sharing You

Sharing you, I know I'm sharing you  
	A	         B7 
I'm not the only one who's in your heart  
When I'm with you, your love belongs to me  
	A		B7 
But you have someone else when we're apart  
There are two of to kiss you  
Two of us to miss you  
	E		   B7 
And two of us to wish there were two of you  
And though it hurts me so to go on sharing you  
	A		B7 
I know my helpless heart just can't be free  
But even though I must keep sharing you  
	A	B7        E 
You know you'll never be sha-a-rin' me  
	A	B7        E 
Oh, no, you'll never be shar-a-rin' me  
	A	B7        E 
Ah, ah, you'll never be shar-a-rin' me-ee  


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