Bobby Bare

Come Sundown

Bobby Bare

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Come Sundown

	  		 G                                    C 
G                              D           G 
  I heard the front door     Closin' softly   As I wakened from my sleep 
G                        C 
G                                        D        G 
With a last touch Of her lips, Lord    Like a whisper  On my cheek 
G                                                      D 
And I cursed the sun for risin'    For the worst Lord   Is yet to come 
                G           C 
G                                        D             G 
Cause this mornin'  She's just leavin'  But come sundown She'll be gone 
G                        C         G 
D             G 
 See the lipstick   On the pillow   That I placed    'Neath her head 
G                                       D               G 
And the soft sheets   Still feel warm Lord   Where she lay   Upon my bed 
          C                           G 
And it hurts   to know it's over  For the hurt Lord 
             D                      G                 C               G 
Has just begun   Cause this mornin'       She's just leavin 
                      D                           G 
 But come sundown.       She'll be gone 
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