Bob Woodruff


Bob Woodruff

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Capo on 2nd fret
D   Dsus2  Dsus  Dsus2  Dsus 
Verse One: 
D              G             D          G 
Woke up in the parking lot a man out of time 
D             G                  A 
You were on a train far down the line 
D                 G                D  G 
Drove down to the crossroads up by I-95 
D                 G                A 
You were gone the red light was my mind 
G A D G Snow was fallin', we drank red wine A D Snow was fallin' Caroline
Verse Two: D G D G Mama's in the hospital God don't let her die D G A I heard my sister praying and I cried D G D G I see her fight life in there one day at a time D G A I see love set the sparks off in her eyes Chorus: G A D G Snow was fallin' we drank red wine A D Snow was fallin' Caroline Instrumental (chords like a chorus): Verse Three: D G D G Jesus bears the cross for us but won't pass the wine D G A I'm sanctified but so unsatisfied D G D G Now all the dreams that haunted us seem so far behind D G A If they don't come true girl do they die? Chorus (twice): G A D G Snow was fallin' we drank red wine A D Snow was fallin' Caroline

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