Blues Saraceno

Judgement Day

Blues Saraceno

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Judgement Day

	  		Intro: Am, F, Em, Am 

My mothers helper 
    Dm            Am 
She had herself a baby 
                   G               Am 
And didn't mean to drown it in the bath 
                       Dm             Am 
Her lovely brother, he took himself a lover 
                   G           Am 
And didn't mean to bury it out back 

         C     Am  C    Am 
They went oooooooo, ooooooo 
E                         Am 
Their judgement day shall come 

Am                           Dm             Am 
Graverobbers daughters, they poisoned their father 
                   G              Am 
Couldn't take what he would do at night 
Am                         Dm                Am 
Their youngest sister, she doesn't even miss him 
                     G                  Am 
The things he did to them just were not right 

          C   Am  C    Am 
They went oooooo, ooooooo 
E            (stop)                     Am          
And they know their judgement day shall come 

Dm  Am 
    E           Am 
The wicked walk alone 
Dm  Am 
Into damnation  
Dm  Am 
          E        Am 
Those suffering of soul 
Dm  Am 
           E         E        Am 
Can find salvation, salvation 

Am                     Dm         Am 
Towns oldest lady, she sits alone waiting 
                 G              Am 
Counting all the money that she stole 
                         Dm             Am 
Slave traders cousin, he hung a man for nothing 
                        G             Am 
And plans to take that secret to his grave 

        C   Am  C     Am 
They go oooooo, oooooooo 
E                                        Am 
And they know, their judgement day shall come x3 

Outro: Am, F, E, Am 

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