Blossom Dearie


Blossom Dearie

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( Ed Anderson and Ted Grouya)


A7  D Bm Em  
       A7          Dm   G7 
Like a flame in the sky 
       Gm7    Bb7    A7 
Flying over the island 
    Fdim  A7    D 
To my lover near by 
A7  D Bm Em 
       A7      Dm     G7 
With your tropical hue 
      Gm7      Bb7  A7 
For it's you I rely on     
    Fdim   A7     D 
And the love that is true 
    Gm7      Gdim   Edim 
The wind sings a song    
To you as you go 
  Dm7        C7                 
The song that I hear below 
    F  Bb   A7 
The murmuring heart 
A7  D  Bm  Em 
      A7        Dm   G7 
When the sun meets the sea 
     Gm7        Bb7  A7  
Say farewell to my lover    
 Fdim   A7   D 
And hasten to me 

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