Blink 182


Blink 182

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Year: 1994 - Album: Cheshire Cat

(Blink 182)

D                 A 
Talk to you every now and then 
Em                  G 
I never felt so alone again 
D                 A 
Stop and think at a wishing well 
Em                  G 
Thought sends me on a carousel 
D                 A 
Here I am standing on my own 
Em                  G 
Not a motion from the telephone 
D                 A 
I know not a reason why 
Em                  G 
Solitude's a reason to die 

D E A G Just you wait and see D E A G How school life is a D E A G It is a woken dream D E A G Are you feeling alone? D I guess it's just another E I guess it's just another A I guess it's just another G A D Night alone
D A Now as I walk down the street Em G I need a job just to sleep in sheets D A Find food every once in a while Em G But not enough to purchase a smile D A A tank of gas is a treasure to me Em G I now know that nothin' is free D A Talk to you every now and then Em G Never felt so alone again **Refrao

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