Billy Ray Cyrus

Achy Breaky Heart

Billy Ray Cyrus

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by  ANDY

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Achy Breaky Heart

Year: 1992 - Album: The Definitive Collection

(Billy Ray Cyrus)

Well you can tell the world you never was my girl   
You can burn my clothes when I am gone   
Or you can tell your friends just what a fool I've been   
And laugh and joke about me on the phone   
You can tell my arms go back onto the farm   
Or you can tell my feet to hit the floor   
Or you can tell my lips to tell my fingertips   
They won't be reaching out for you no more   

A But don't tell my heart My achy breaky heart E I just don't think he'd understand And if you tell my heart My achy breaky heart A He might blow up and kill this man
ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh You can tell your ma I moved to Arcansas Or you can tell your dog to bit my leg Or tell your brother Cliff who's fist can tell my lip He never really liked me anyway Or tell your aunt Louise tell anything you please Myself already knows I'm not ok Or you can tell my eye to watch out for my mind It might be walkin' out on me today Chorus: A E A E A Chorus:

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