Billy Joel


Billy Joel

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Intro: Bb Ab Gb Eb 

Bb                               Gm               C7/G 
Laura calls me in the middle of the night 
C7              Ebm7 
Passes on her     painful information 
Bb                            Bb/A                   Gm             C7/G 
Then these careless fingers, they get caught in her vice 
C7                               F#7 
Til they're bleeding on my coffee table 

B7 F7 Gm Living alone isn't all that it's cracked up to be F#7 Oh whoa whoa B7 F7 Gm I'm on her side, why does she push the poison on me? F#7 B* Bb Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa
(*First Chorus only) Verse: Laura has a very hard time All her life has been one long disaster Then she tells me she suddenly believes she's seen a very good sign She'll be taking some aggressive action Chorus: I fight her wars while she's slamming her doors in my face Oh whoa whoa Failure to break was the only mistake that she made Oh whoa whoa Bridge: Db Eb7 Here I am feeling like a fucking fool Ebdim/A Ab Db Do I react the way exactly she intends me to? Db Db /F Eb7 Every time I think I'm off the hook she makes me lose my cool Ebdim/A Ab I'm her machine and she can punch all the keys Ebdim/A F And she can push any button I was programmed through Verse: Laura calls me when she needs a good fix All her questions will get sympathetic Answers I should be so immunized to all of her tricks She's surviving on her second chances Chorus: Sometimes I feel like this Godfather deal is all wrong How can she hold an umbilical chord for so long? *Instrumental Break* Db Eb7 Edim/A Ab Db Bridge: I've done everything I can what else am I supposed to do I'm her machine and she can punch all the keys And she can push any button I was programmed through Verse: Laura loves me even if I don't care That's my problem that's her sacred absolution If she had to she would put herself in my chair Even though I faced electrocution Chorus: She always says I'm the best friend that she's ever had How do you hang up on someone who needs you that bad? Outro: Bb Ab Gb Eb

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