Bill Monroe

True Life Blues

Bill Monroe

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True Life Blues

               C                       F 
I hate to see, that sun sink low. 
                C                          G 
Just for a cause, you ought to know. 
                   C                F 
For its true life, I can't forget. 
                C          G                     C 
All of my sorrows, you'll soon regret. 
You promised me, love that was true. 
I'm sorry to say, that I believed in you. 
But its all turned out, just like a dream. 
Left me so sad, The end the world it seems. 
There's dishes to wash, and a house to clean. 
There's a washing to do, Lord it seems so mean. 
There's a million worries, I can't explain. 
Think of this girl, before you change your name. 
They'll go away, and leave you at home. 
They'll never care, if you're alone. 
They seem to forget, they've got a wife . 
This story is sad, but its a true life. 

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