Bill Monroe

Love Oh Love Please Come Home

Bill Monroe

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Love Oh Love Please Come Home

G                                       F 
As you read this letter that I write to you 
     C                        G 
Sweetheart I hope you?ll understand 
     C                      G 
That you?re the only love I knew 
       D7             G 
Please forgive if you can 

Sweetheart I beg you to come home tonight 
    C               G 
I'm so blue and all alone 
  C                           G 
I promise that I'll treat you right 
        D7                  G 
Love oh love oh please come home 

The wind is cold and slowly creeping around 
C                       G 
And the fire is burning low 
    C                       G 
The snow has covered up the ground 
            D7              G 
Your baby's hungry sick and cold 

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