Le Petit Martien


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Le Petit Martien

Intro: (Am  G) (2x)

I know you are the one for me  
Bad news, you are the one for everybody  
So chic chamaleonic  
Cool prince singing at the mini garden (e string: 6 5 4 3)  

E                      Am   (e string: 6 5 4 3) 
She buys a new Kalįshnikov  
E                        Am     
And went for live in San Remo  
    E       Am         G 
And sings: "LA LA LA...  

Hey girl I wanna fuck with you  
Let's go have a little shiny purple 
She moves hips like boogaboo  
                            G      (e string: 6 5 4 3) 
Cu-cu everybody is looking at you  

E                      Am      (e string: 6 5 4 3) 
I met a girl like you before 
E                   Am 
Spent the night and day  
Am                 E 
Crying the same song  
            Am         G 
She saids: "LA LA LA... 

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