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Seas Of Crimson Chords

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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by ang%2Dletra

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Seas Of Crimson

  		Bethel Music ? Seas of Crimson 

written by D. Bashta, B. Johnson 

verse 1: 
A                E          A 
For every curse, You?re the cure 
A                   D          A 
For every sickness, You?re the healer 
          F#m               D 
For every storm, You?re the calm 
               A        E      A 
For all that?s lost, Oh what a Saviour 
Death is beaten 
          D              A 
Christ is risen from the grave 
   E             F#m 
Hallejuah, it is finished 
         D      E       A 
All to You, the highest praise 

verse 2 
A                E     A 
On that cross of Calvary 
A                D     A 
Every burden has been defeated 
          F#m              D 
And every wretched heart redeemed 
              A       E       A 
You drown our sins in seas of crimson 
(repeat last 2 lines) 

verse 3 
On that day of utmost glory 
All of darkness cannot tarry 
And every shackle come undone 
My solid Rock, Thine is the Kingdom 
(Repeat last 2 lines) 


F#m                            D 
Where there was sin, Your love rushed in 
 A                               E 
Where sin runs deep, Your grace runs deeper 
 F#m                           D 
For all enslaved, the ransom paid 
 A                               E                   (and a D on the last time?) 
Hope of the world, all hail the power 

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