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Forever Chords

Bethel Music

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by lucicamargo

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verse 1: 

A                                E                                     F#m 
The moon and stars they wept, The morning sun was dead 
                       D                    A 
The Savior of the world was fallen 
                     E                                        F#m 
His body on the cross, His blood poured out for us 
The weight of every curse was broken 

Interlude: A E Bm D 

verse 2: 
A                          E                                 F#m 
One final breathe He gave, as heaven looked away 
                           D                   A 
The Son of God was laid in darkness 
                   E                                    F#m 
A battle in the grave, The war on death was waged 
The power of hell forever broken 

A                           E                                    F#m 
The ground began to shake, The stone was rolled away 
                             D                    A 
His perfect love could not be overcome 
Now death where is your sting? 
                     F#m                             D 
Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated 

A E Forever He is glorified F#m D Forever He is lifted high A E Forever He is risen F#m D He is alive, He is alive
Solo: A E F#m D A E F#m D A E We sing Hallelujah F#m - (Last time Bm) We sing Hallelujah D We sing Hallelujah A The Lamb has overcome Outro: A E F#m D A E F#m D A

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