Bethany Dillon

For My Love

Bethany Dillon

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For My Love

Year: 2004 - Album: Bethany Dillon

	  		Standard tuning 
No Capo 


F Bbsus2 x3  
Dm7 Csus F 

     Bbsus2    F        Bbsus2  F 
Walk t'wards me, I want to hear 
        Bbsus       Dm7       Csus F 
The heavens singing over you 
    Bbsus2      F        Bbsus  F 
When you breathe and look at me,  
       Bbsus    Dm7          Bb(add2) 
I want to be captured by you 

F/A Gaze into my eyes Gm7 Let me know you'd fight F/A Bb(add2) Thousands for my love F/A Slip your hand in mine Gm7 Ask me to dance with you tonight Csus Just ask me, for my love
Repeat Intro Bbsus2 F Bbsus2 F I want to hide what's deep in my eyes Bbsus Dm7 Csus F I'm scared to be known by you Bbsus2 F Bbsus2 F But when I turn my head and see you there Bbsus Dm7 C I want to be pursued Chorus C A dream I won't wake from Dm7 A story that will never end C The ground your feet walk on Let me be there Bb(add2) Let me be there Chorus F Bbsus2 F Bbsus2 F Bbsus2 F/Bb Bb6/9

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