Beth Croft

Hold On Chords

Beth Croft

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by abelamin

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Hold On

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Capo on 4th fret
  		From Beth's Album Rule In My Heart 

verse 1: 
 D/F#        G       A             D 
 All for my Saviour who reigns in glory, 
 D/F#         G      A                D 
 all for the freedom that Christ has won. 
 D/F#         G     A          D 
 I'm letting go of the pain I carry; 
 D/F#          G          A 
 my hopes and fears laid down. 

Bm G D Hold on, I'll hold on to the cross. Bm G A Hold on, hold on to the cross. D/F# G A Bm Love so amazing, love so divine. Bm G A Hold on, I'll hold on to the cross.
verse 2: D/F# G A D Although my faith may stumble and falter, D/F# G A D though troubles find me, here I will stay. D/F# G A Bm The past that held me has lost its power, D/F# G A and death has lost its sting. Mid section: G D A G D A Hallelu - - jah, hallelu - - jah. G A Bm I am Yours, and Yours alone. G D/B A If I have You, I have it all.

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