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Louisiana Saturday Night

Benjy Davis Project

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Louisiana Saturday Night


G   D   C9   D X2 
G      F      C  G                        D      C9 
I remember being young. 
Hell I think i still am. 
I was sittin steady chillin on the tailgate 
D            C9                            D 
Sippin on a day old pint of that Tennessee bam-she-bam. 
G                                D    C9 
That's the last thing I recall. 
Hell I heard I had a ball. 
G                                         D       C9 
I was sittin sorta crooked stable staring at the stars, 
Overwelmed at how many cars are parked at bars. 
G                                        D      C9    
Will this liquor make me sicker than we already are? 
D           G 
Is this my calling? 
D     C9 
Am I falling? 
        D           G     D     C9   D 
Is this what I need? 

G   D   C9/////// D///////  

G D C It goes boom lights come flashing through the window pane. G D C Let my arms throw my spirit in the pouring rain. G D C Said thats alright. C I must be runnin out of time. G D What am I doing on this Louisiana Saturday Night?
Solo: G D C X2 Verse: Can i get a cigarette? Fuma-Fuma pass it over I ain't got a lighter What I do is use the stova-stova. Take another shower. Wipe it over rover chofer comin in a half an hour Through the back seat ain't called shotgun. Driver sittin crooked in the driver seat. Good God! Am I gonna die? Just another picture missing from the newspaper. See you later. Turn the funky radio up. Chorus Verse: I'm bored talkin bout the night Cuz we all know Louisiana sets it up right With the band playin front stage Never made the front page Livin off a dollar In the hopes I get a good wage. Shout out!Everybody clap. For the fine little girl in the second row back. With the blonde hair, mini-skirt Nice legs, tight shirt, Sippin off a beer like a true baton rouge should act. Chorus

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