Bellamy Brothers

Like She's Not Yours Chords

Bellamy Brothers

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by 6Stretch1

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Like She's Not Yours

Intro: C   F  G  C  C  F  G  C  

C                                                F           
You love not burning with that same old glow 
G                                                   C 
You tryin to win what you already won 
C                                                F           
You love her and you want to let her know  
G                                                   C 
Well buddy this is my opinion 
C F Sweep her off her feet with a slow slow dance G C Hold her like she holding on to new romance Am Dm If you want a love what you can be sure G C Take her out and treat her like she not yours
C F G C C F She wants to feel like it the first time G C You gotta shower her with chivalry C F She full of fantasy from nursery rhymes G C I know what I would do if it were me Repeat Chorus & Lead (C F G C) F C Soon, you be the lover in her life Am Dm G C Lyin in her arms, dancing in her eyes Repeat Chorus 2x

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