The Flying Club Cup


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The Flying Club Cup

Written by Zach Condon

Capo on 1st fret

C5 Dm Eb Dm   Dm7  

C5                     Dm Eb                Dm 
I built my house of reeds upon a marsh in Elise 
C5                 Dm     Eb                  Dm 
My father was released a day's walk from San Denis 
C5              Dm        Eb                       Dm 
We buried him beneath the bone-white sands of San Denis 

C5 Dm Eb Dm (x2) 

F              Eb 
Silence of an airborne night 
      Gm             F 
Push high above the roof 
F                 Eb 
Daughters of the Red lights blind 
     Gm           F 
The icy works of art 
     F               Eb 
The city lights and restless nights 
   Gm             F 
Go once upon the Lord 
F              Eb 
You and I will lie beside 
    Gm                 F 
The fire sparked from boards 

F Eb Gm F (x4) 

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