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by europeu

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Year: 2006 - Album: Idea

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      Jumbo said to say goodnight,  
      see you in the morn  ing.  
      D                        G      D 
      Please don't lose your ap petite,  
      he knows who is yawn ing.  
        Bb             F 
      Tomorrow you can  climb a mountain,  
   G                 Bb           A 
      sail a sailboat  through a fountain.  
      Jumbo said to say goodnight, he's a friend of yours.  
      D                                                  G/D 
      Play no games he'd say to me when the light is gone.  
      D                   G      D                     G 
      He is right he'd say to me, we know who is wrong.  
          Bb                 F           G 
      So please don't make no hesitation.  
      There will be no recreation.  
      Jumbo said to say goodnight, he's a friend of yours.  
      Listen to the tune; and if it's loud, it's up to you. 
      It's only sounder than a sparrow and it shoots a bow and arrow. 
      Through a song that's like a powder with a gun that's even louder.  
      And it's sad enough to hear you must a listen with your ear.  
      in order to get to you. 


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