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Beach House

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by terr%5Fschmitz

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  		Intro G 

F            D 
chances are 

     C          F     Bb   Dm F 
like nights you disappear 

Bb            C 
caught in the atmosphere 

F             Dm     
where you go 

    C        F       Dm F 
she casts no shadow 

Bb        C               Gm 
still you know shes near 


Dm C F  Dm F Bb C Gm 

         F      Dm 
here she comes  

    C        F            Bb Dm 
all parts of everything 

Bb           C 
stars in the motherhand 

         F     Dm 
with the dark 

    C     F         Dm F 
thunder above you 

Bb         C 
come to us soaring 

F   Dm F 

F Bb Dm F Bb C  

F Gm G C Dm Am  
F Dm C F Dm C 

chances are 

Dm F Bb Dm F Bb Dm F Bb C G Dm F 

C     Dm 

C                 C 
house made of the dawn 

F       Dm 

F Bb Dm F Bb C  


Dm F Bb Dm  


Bb C 

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