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Sloop John B Chords

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Sloop John B


Verse 1: 

	    G                C    G 
	We come on the sloop John B 
	               C   G 
        My grandfather and me 
	Around Nassau town we do roam 
	Drinking all night 
	            C    Cm 
	Got into a fight 
	Well I feel so broke up 
	    D          G 
	    I wanna go home 
                             C   G 
Chorus 	So hoist up the John B's sail 2: (hoist up the John B's sail) 
                        C    G 
	See how the mainsail sets 2: (see how the mainsail sets) 
	Call for the Captain ashore, let me go home 2: (let me go home) 
        Let me go home 
                   C  Cm 
	I wanna go home, yeah yeah 
        Well I feel so broke up 
        I wanna go home 

Verse 2: 
	The first mate he got drunk 
	And broke in the Captain's trunk 
	The constable had to come and take him away 
	Sheriff John Stone 
	Why don't you leave me alone, yeah yeah 
	Well I feel so broke up 
	I wanna go home 


Verse 3: 
	The poor cook he caught the fits 
	And threw away all my grits 
	And then he took and he ate up all of my corn 
	Let me go double-time home 
	Why don't they let me go home 
	This is the worst trip 
	I've ever been on 


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