Barry Manilow

Teach Me Tonight

Barry Manilow

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Teach Me Tonight

(Sammy Cahn and Gene DePaul)

Em7      A7      A7/13-   D            Gdim F#m 
Did you say I've got a lot to learn 
             B7              Em7    Bm5-/7    A7 
Well, don't think I'm trying not to learn 
           B7            Em      Em7     A7 
Since this is a perfect spot to learn 
     A7/13-   D     D6 Fdim A7 
Teach me tonight 
  Em7    A7/13-        D        Gdim  F#m 
Starting with the A-B-C of it 
          B7          Em7  Bm5-/7  A7 
Right down to the X-Y-Z of it 
         B7            Em    Em7    A7 
Help me solve the mystery of it 
      A      D    Gdim D 
Teach me tonight 

    Em      A7         A7/13-     D         D6 
The sky's a blackboard     high above you 
        Em       A7  A7/13- D     Bm 
And if a shooting star  goes  by 
               Em      E7      F#m 
I'll use that star to write "I Love You" 
    Bm5-/7          E7        A7       
A thousand times across the sky 
Em7       A7   A7/13-  D       Gdim   F#m  
One thing isn't very clear, my love 
           B7               Em7      Bm5-/7   A7 
Should the teacher stand so near, my love 
     B7             Em        Em7   A7 
Graduation's almost here, my love  
Em7  A7    D   Cdim  Em7            A7         D    Gdim D 
Teach me tonight,         come on and teach me tonight 

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