Barclay James Harvest

May Day

Barclay James Harvest

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May Day

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Intro: D  Bm G A (x2) 
verse 1  

    D               C               Bm             Bb 
The rock on which I stand is slowly sinking in the sand 
          G            A                D 
The sheer realities of life are rushing by 
     D              C                Em          G        Bb      
I am looking out at life and I don't know what's wrong or right 
            G            A                  D 
And I can't even see the bright side of the moon 

D A I stopped a man in the street today C Em And I asked him "Sir, is it night or day F Em Bm He just stared in disbelief D A I asked again but he walked away C He said "Don't you know Em F Em I said "Can't you say? Is there something inbetween F Em Is it something I've not seen F C D Did it change so fast or was it just a dream
C G Bb Bm A D

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