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Beautiful my girl 
   G                      Am     F 
My beautiful my girl and I, So beautiful my girl (in the cube) 
C           G                      Am  F 
, Ha ha girl, this is my confession, Drop that beat 
          C                     G             Am 
Oh listen to my heart nae mam deureobwa bwa eotteon mallodo neoreul 
pyohyeonhal su eobtjiman 
          C                   G                Am               F 
geunyang nae stylero nae mam deullyeojulge oh listen listen listen girl 
         C             G 
Nothing better than you sesangeul da jwodo 
you you you you 
neowa bakkujin motae 
     C                        G                     Am                  F 
Hey baby girl maeiri jeulgeowo sasil jom duryeowo nuga mworaedo neon I want 

                  C         E          Am             F 
So beautiful my girl oh oh girl oh oh girl sigani jinado 
          C             E           Am                F 
nuguboda naega deo deo deo neoreul akkyeojulge my girl modu da julge 
 C      E      Am     F 
neo neoege e ege oh oh 

niga eodi itdeun dallyeo gal su isseo I always think about you 
            C             E           Am                F 
jigeumboda naega deo deo deo neoreul saranghalge my girl you you you my girl 

 C                E                Am             F                      C 
(U) oh beautiful (U) so beautiful (U) my beautiful nothing better than you 
              E                Am             F 
oh beautiful (U) so beautiful (U) my beautiful(Don be shy girl) 

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