Antarctigo Vespucci

Guest List Spots

Antarctigo Vespucci

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Guest List Spots

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E|----------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------| G|--------------/4---4------/2---2-----7--5--4--2-----| D|---2---2---------5-----------3----------------------| A|-----3----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------|
Verse: C G F G C If I died right here, what would they all say? G F "He was miserable but he died doing G C what made him happy"? G F G C and if I went away who would be the first to find me? G F A pretty girl that I loved or G C G F C G F someone looking for a guest list spot? (Woah ) (Woah ) Verse: C G F G C And if I drink enough life feels a little easy, G F G I could stand right up and slur a speech about how (this part is palm muted) C G F G I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends, C G F G C G F C G F and I would be nothing without all of them. (Woah ) (Woah ) Chorus: C If I could I would (if I could I would) G but I can't so I won't (can't so I won't) F Yeah, I know there's more to come G if I can just hold on. Chorus (again) Solo:
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E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------8--------8--------8-----------------8--------8--------8--10--8-8--| G|---9-10-----9-10-----9-10--9-----------9-10-----9-10-----9-10------------| D|-----------------------------10-10---------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------8--------8--------8-----------------8--------8--------8--10---12--13--| G|---9-10-----9-10-----9-10--9-----------9-10-----9-10-----9-10----------------| D|-----------------------------10-10-------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus (palm muted) Chorus (again)

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