Anita Bryant


Anita Bryant

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(Stevie Wonder)

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Intro: Am Dm Am Dm Am Dm E Am 

Am  Dm Am Dm    
Free like the river 
     Am     Dm            E    Am                          
 Flowing freely through infinity 
Am  Dm Am Dm  
Free to be sure of 
       Am     Dm         E           Am 
What I am and who I need not be 
Dm  Gm  Dm   Gm      
Free from all worries 
        Dm       Gm              A           Dm 
Worries prey on oneself's troubled mind 
Dm    Gm                               
Freer than the clock's hands 
         Dm          Gm                       
Tickin' way the times. 
Dm                      Gm                 E                   A 
 Freer than the meaning of free that man defines 
Am     Dm     Am     Dm   
Life running through me 
           Am         Dm         E     Am 
Till I feel my father God has called 
Am Dm Am Dm    
Me having nothin' 
      Am          Dm          E          Am  
But possessing riches more than all 
        Dm Gm          Dm Gm 
And I'm free. To be nowhere 
Dm         Gm         A         Dm   
But in every place I need to be 
                     Dm Gm 
Freer than a sunbeam 
Dm  Gm                            
Shining through my soul 
         Dm           Gm               E               A   
Free from feelin' heat or knowing bitter cold 
Dm  Gm  D  Gm                                 
Free from conceiving the beginning 
   Dm      Gm      A    Dm 
For that's the infinite start 
Dm   Gm   Dm   Gm                  
I'm gone - gone but still living 
       Dm            Gm         A        Dm 
Life goes on without a beating heart 
Gm  Cm  Gm  Cm  
Free like a vision 

        Gm          Cm        A     Dm 
That the mind of only you can see 
Gm   Cm                     
Freer than a raindrop 
       Gm              Cm  
Falling from the sky 
          Gm      Cm          A                   D 
Freer than a smile in a baby's sleepin' eyes 
Dm  Gm  Dm  Gm   
I'm free like a river 
     Dm      Gm          A     Dm 
Flowin' freely through infinity.  
Dm   Gm   Dm  Gm              
I'm free to be sure of  what 
    Dm     Gm      A          Dm                                        
I am and who I need not to be.  
Dm           Gm      
I'm much freer  
Dm        Gm      Dm              
Like the meaning of the word   
Gm                A            Dm 
Free that crazy man defines 
Dm         Gm            Dm  
Free, free like the vision 
Gm                    Dm           
That the mind of only you 
Gm          A        Dm                                                 
Are ever gonna see  
Dm   Gm       Dm        Gm  
Free like the river my life 
          Dm      Gm     A         Dm 
Goes on and on through infinity 

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