Anita Baker

More Than You Know

Anita Baker

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More Than You Know

Year: 1990 - Album: Compositions

(William Rose, Edward Eliscu and Vincent Youmans)

Introduo: Cdim D7 A7 D7/9 D7 G Em7 Am7 D7/9- Gm 

Whether you are here or yonder  
Gm              D7/9-    Gm7  G7/13 
Whether you are false or true 
Cm7          D7/9-        Gm7+ Gm7 
Whether you remain or wander              
             Am7/11 G#5-/7 
I am growing fonder of you 
Gm                        D7/9-   Gm 
Even though your friends forsake you  
             D7/9-       Gm7  G7/13 
Even though you don't succeed 
Cm7               D7/9-            Gm7+ Gm7 
Wouldn't I be glad to take you,            
                    Am7/11 G#5-/7 
Give you the break you need 
D7/13-         G6         D7       G9 
More than you know, more than you know 
 G7     C        Fdim     Am 
Girl of my heart, I love you so 
Cdim      D7    A7       D7/9  D7      G    Em   Am7   D7 
Lately I find, you're on my mind more than you know 
D7/13-          G6     D7            G9 
Whether you're right, whether you're wrong 
G7      C          Fdim       Am 
Girl of my heart, I'll string along 
Cdim      G    E7        A9     D7  G  Am   G 
I need you so, more than you'll ever know 
Em6         F#7           Bm 
Loving you the way that I do 
   Em             #m7          Bm 
There's nothing I can do about it 
Gm     A7     D           Bm7 
Loving may be all you can give, 
  E7        Em7    A7     D7   Fdim D 
But Honey I can't live without it 
D7/13-       G6    D7       D9 
Oh how I'd cry, oh how I'd cry 
G7           C      Fdim      Am 
If you got tired, and said goodbye 
Cdim        G    E7        A9   D9  G Em   Bm5-/7   E7 
More than I'd show, more than you'd ever know 

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