Angel Olsen

May As Well

Angel Olsen

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May As Well

A                          D 
I may as well have been forgotten 
E                             A 
or did it simply slip your mind? 
A                                D 
Is that my heart that's splitting open? 
E                             A 
I guess it just fell to the side 
A                                    D 
I've tried my best to keep you smiling love 
E                        A 
Maybe it's been all in vain 
A                                D 
But I would try a million times my dear 
E                           A 
Tell me would you do the same? 
A                           D 
One could say it's complicated love 
E                          A 
Like nothing they've seen before 
A                                  D 
or simply that it's a thought we share 
E                      A      
forever it must be ignored 

D E F# 

F#              E                D        A                      
If you really love me there's no way to tell 
F#           E             D        A       
I'm always arriving when you say farewell 
F#         E            D        A     
In all my dreams we're husband and wife 
F#        E           D        A 
I'll never forget you all of my life 
F#           E           D        A  
I'll never forget you all of my life 
F#          E            D        A   
I'll never forget you all of my life 

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