Angel Olsen


Angel Olsen

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|E e|---------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------| G|----1--------------1-------------------------| D|--------2--2----------2--2-------------------| A|------2--2----------2--2---------------------| E|--0--------------0---------------------------| You are the crazy acrobat You are the witch, I am your cat |Am e|---------------------------------------------| B|----1--------------1-------------------------| G|--------2--2----------2--2----------------=--| x2 D|------2--2----------2--2---------------------| A|--0--------------0---------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------| I want to be a bit like you,
E I hope you don't mind? if I do I love the way your body's made, I love the way your voice is sex Am To be the whisper upon your ear, E I want to be the bed you mess
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Pre-chorus: | x4 x4 repeat twice e|---------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------| G|----3--------------1-------------------------| D|--------2--2----------2--2-------------------| A|------2--2----------2--2---------------------| E|--0--------------0---------------------------|
I am alive, I am alive,
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Chorus: x8 x8 e|---------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------| G|----2--------------1-------------------------| D|--------1--1----------2--2-------------------| A|------2--2----------2--2---------------------| E|--2--------------0---------------------------| I thought, I thought that I died
E Who cares, I'm not a moralist, I'm just a lady with some time Am I want to be made out of love, E I want to be made into life. I love the way you take a walk And all the things that you see with your eyes, Am Oh to be that distant thought, E Some growing meaning in your mind. Pre-chorus I am alive, I am alive, Chorus I thought, that I died I thought, that I died.

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