Angel Olsen

White Fire

Angel Olsen

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White Fire


   Em                   G6           Em 
Everything is tragic it all just falls apart 
   Em                           G6           Em 
When i look into your eyes the pieces of my own heart 
Em                      G6         Em 
If i only had answer to put it all to bed 
Em                                G6          Em 
I wish sometimes I could take back every word I said 

Em                              G6          Em 
I walk back in the night alone I got caught up in my song 
Em                                      G6          Em          
I forgot where I'd been sleeping and I thought I was alone 
Em                                  G6         Em 
I heard my mother thinking me right back into my birth 
Em                                   G6         Em 
I laughed so loud inside myself it all began to hurt 

Em                                                      G6               Em 
So I turned on a picture show and disappeared into the lens 
Em                                G6      Em 
as memories came flooding tears grew up my eyes 

Bm7  Em  
Bm7  Em 
Bm7  Em 

Em                                 G6      Em 
I see an elevator a moment I am about 
Em                                                   G6        Em 
I look for you as someone who can still remind me of 

Em  Bm7    Em          Bm7   Em     
the tight creek and the sun leak 
Em      Bm7    Em              Em 
and the cold wake of all things summer 
Em       Bm7  Em        Bm7     Em 
when it's all you and it's all now 
Em            Em 
and you're not hungover 
G6   B         Em 
fear sunlight and young 
G6   B         Em 
fear sunlight and young 
G6       B            Em 
When you don't know you're wrong 
G6     B         Em 
or just how wrong you are 

Em                                              G6            Em 
My feet are always heavy as I inch towards the door 
Em                                         G6            Em 
I thought we'd leave this for ourselves a hundred times before 
Em                                G6                Em 
but I guess we're always leaving even when we look the same 
Em                                     G6            Em 
and it eases me somehow to know that even this will change 
                                                                G6           Em 
if you still got some light in you then go before it's calm 
                                                                G6        Em 
burn your fire for no witness it's the only way it's done 
G6   B         Em 
fear sunlight and young 
G6   B         Em 
fear sunlight and young 
G6   B         Em 
hit the ground and run 
G6   B         Em 
hit the ground and run 


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