Angel Olsen


Angel Olsen

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Intro: A A A A 

A                         E 
I feel so lonesome I could cry 
A                         E 
But instead I'll pass the time 
A                    D             E 
Sitting lonely with somebody lonely too 
A                            D               E 
Well there's nothing in the world I'd rather do 

A                                  E 
Now tell me if you don't feel this way 
A                           E 
But all I want, all I ever need 
A                        D (Dsus2) E 
Is someone out there who believes 
E           D (Dsus2) E 
Sometimes believes 
E           D (Dsus2) E 
Not always believes 
E           D (Dsus2) E 
Sometimes believes 

A                               E 
Now we don't have to take it to extremes 
A                                      E 
We'll keep our hands, our legs, even our lips apart 
E         D            E                     
But I'm giving you my heart 
D    E   
My heart 
         D             E                      
Are you giving me your heart 
D    E      
Your heart 
        D      E 
Are you lonely too 
        D      E 
Are you lonely too 
D    E 
D    E 
So am I 
A           E 
All of your life 
A       E 
Stuck inside 
D        E 
I'm stuck too 
D             E 
I'm stuck with you 
D       E 
Do you believe 
D E 
I do 
D E 
I do 
D E 
I do 

D E 

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