The War Is Over


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The War Is Over


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Am C G Am a light shines above Am C G Am a trace of the sky C G Am reflecting in my lover's eye Am C G Am the sun going down Am C G Am on a war, lost or won C G Am all is silent in this newborn world of peace C G D we're the only ones awake to see it's not a case of right and wrong Am it's all about to be D you and me so come and bless my soul Am it's all about to be Bb C Bb C a blue whippoorwill sings Bb C D on the other side of the rain Bb C Bb C we're through with the games Bb C D we survived the hate and the pain Bb C Bb C the storm's gone away Bb C D so come my kingdom come - come today Outro on Em/D G Em/D

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