Andy Gullahorn

Roast Beef

Andy Gullahorn

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Roast Beef

	  		Intro A 

E       A 
He had roast beef for his last meal 
       D                           A 
His brothers went to market and to home 
E       A 
He was cut off from his family 
             D                        A 
Because he wanted to find freedom on his own 
             E                 D 
He saw his big chance for an escape 
       E                 D 
In helicopter rotating blades 
           A              D 
And said goodbye to the pigsty 
      E4       E            A   E/G# 
Quick as a guillotine he was gone 

F#m                  D                  A 
All his brother's jealous hearts were broken 
A/C#                 D                  E 
'Cause something was afoot there in that shoe 
F#m                  D 
But they all stuck together 
                  C#4            F#m  Bm  E4  E 
'Cause there's nothing they could do 

He went from right there in the middle 
       D                           A 
To smack dab in the center of attention 
E       A 
He was picked up, he was cradled 
             D                        A 
He was given his own freezer bag to live in 
             E                 D 
And for the first time in his long life 
             E                 D 
He felt the sunshine on every side 
           A              D 
So he set sail like a hangnail 
      E4               E       A   E/G# 
And waved back to the shore goodbye 

F#m                  D                  A 
His brothers always said it was so crowded 
A/C#                 D                  E 
Well maybe now they'd finally have some space 
F#m                  D 
But they were out of balance there 
   C#4              F#m  Bm  E4  E 
without him in his place 

           F#m         Bm 
So he came back from vacation 
         A        E4  E 
Out of family obligation 
      F#m                      Bm 
And rejoined with those four vandals 
         A             E4  E  E4  E 
For the sake of wearing sandals 

Now we can't say he did not try 
     D                         A 
He gave up all his chances to be free 
     E            A 
But once you've felt that kind of sunshine 
        D                            A 
You can't go back to the way you used to be 
           E               D 
So when I look down and remember 
               E             D 
Something's missing in the middle 
         A           D 
May it always be a symbol 
     E4       E      A 
One day that will be me 

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