Andrew Jackson Jihad

Keep On Chooglin

Andrew Jackson Jihad

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Keep On Chooglin

	  		Intro: (G) Bm X2 

Bm                          Am            G     Bm 
This songwriting process is modeled after Brian Wilson 
Bm                    Am         G     Bm 
Shuffle year round in sweatpants mumbling 
C                Bm                     Am       G       D 
So much would go wrong when he tried to make his songs  
Bm                        A      G     Bm 
And I'm not that big of a fan of Brian Wilson 
Bm                               A          G       Bm 
My favorite Beach Boys songs are written by Charles Manson 
 C          Bm                  A            G                                     D 
"Wild Honey Pie", "Why Don't We Do It In The Road"...No wait, I think that was The Beatles! 
Bm         C                           Bm 
Every day I try to do the things that feel alright 
Bm                      C                    Am 
It don't matter what, I feel like a bastard deep inside 
C                    Bm                 Am               G 
French corner to the bullshit, cut your losses and play bass 
And listen to CCR 
C                     Bm  
And keep on chooglin, Keep on keepin' on, 
G                  Bm            Em 
Don't be afraid to speak in your native tongue 
    Am                              D 
The grandson of a ghost is singing need to tell a song 
           Bm                 D              Em 
And all my dead friends in my corner now are cheering me along 
   C                                     D 
If it's inside your head, don't let them tell you that you're wrong 
        Bm                D        Em 
Because giving a shit has left the building... 

(B) A 


C B Am  

End on G 

Note: chords in brackets are played very quickly and I'm not sure if they're right. 

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