Andre Matos


Andre Matos

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Gm    F                Eb  B 
Sometimes I'm sad and lonely 
Eb   Bb              F    D 
Somedays because I miss you 
Gm    F               Eb   Bb 
You held me tight in your arms 
Eb    Bb            F  D 
As I came out of darkness 
Eb        D   D7      Gm 
Sometimes I watch you go away 
F             Gm  D7 
I watch you go away... 
Hope you don't cry 
F                  Eb Bb 
'Cause in my own stories 
Eb   Bb            D       D7 
I'm ever side by side with you  
Bb    F               Eb   B 
Somewhere to bind the distance 
Eb   Bb              F   D 
Somekind of timeless moment 
Eb       D7           Gm 
Somewhen I'll let you know 
    Gm7 F              Gm 
How far you've made me roam 
Eb          Bb 
Across the nights, 
D         D7 
I hear a train 
     D     Eb 
That won't bring you back 
F              Gm 
But I'll still wait... 
     F         E7   Bb 
I never really lost you 
E7    Bb          F    D 
You never really left me 
E7  D      Gm7 
I feel our hearts as one 
E7    D      Gm 
Every time I gaze 

At the moon 

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