Andre Matos

Fairy Tale

Andre Matos

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Fairy Tale

(André Matos)

	  		Tom: G 
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(Intro) Am C G Am C G E|--------------------0--|----------------------|---------------3--5-| B|-----------0--1---1----|--3---1-0-------------|--1----3--5---------| G|------2----------------|-----------2----------|------------------0-| D|---------------------- |--0-------------------|--------------------| A|------0----2--3--------|-----------0----------|--0----2--3---------| E|-----------------------|----------------------|--------------------| Am D Am G F D E|--3------------------|-------------------------|--------------------| B|-----5------------5--|--3----1h0-1----0---0----|-----------1--------| G|---------------------|-------------------------|--2h0-2-------0/2---| D|---------------------|-------------------------|--------------------| A|-----3------------3--|--5----3---3----2h0-2----|--0---0------0------| E|---------------------|-------------------------|--------------------| Am C G E|--------------------0--|---------------------| B|-----------0--1---1----|--3---1-0------------| G|------2----------------|---------------------| D|---------------------- |--0------------------| A|------0----2--3--------|---------------------| E|-----------------------|---------------------|
Am C G Am Fairy lady, who stands on the walls C G Am Life is short and wait is long D Am G F D The stars, away, dim with the dawn... Am F G Am Fairy lady, who stands on the walls Am C G Am Your tale has only begun C G Am It comes from far, the Nowhereland D Am G F D The wind is blowing a sound so well known... Am F G Am Fairy lady, your love is long gone Am G Em Am G Em Oh darling, hear my soul and heed my cry Am G Em F D Cause all my crying may flood a river in my heart C G Bb F Oh, life is good C G Bb F Oh, life is good C G Bb F Oh, life is good... Ab Bb As good as you wish!" Am C G Am Pretty lady, the horses are back C G Am Bringing joy and happiness D Am G F D But all of a sudden the horses are gone F G Am It was only the sound of your heartbeat alone! Am G Em Am G Em Oh darling, hear my soul and heed my cry Am G Em F D Cause all my crying may flood a river in my heart C G Bb F Oh, life is good C G Bb F Oh, life is good C G Bb F Oh, life is good... Ab Bb As good as a kiss!" Ebm Db Bbm Ebm Db Bbm Oh my darling, now I cannot halt my cries Ebm Db Bbm My tears have drowned me B Bb And I refuse to realise Ebm Db Bbm Ebm Db Bbm What's left around me, it's all so strange, it's all so dark Ebm Db Bbm I'm all alone here B C# To mend the pieces of my heart
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(solo) E|-------------------------14-16-14--19-18-16----19-18-16-----17-16-14------| B|------17-16-14---------17-----------------19-16--------19-16--------17-14-| G|-11-13--------16--11-13---------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------0-12-14-16/-14-12-12~----------------------------------------| B|-10-12/-10-9--------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(piano) Am C G Am Little lady, your tale has an end C G Am For your love to the skies was sent D Am G F D He's turned into sparks that shine with the stars... F G F ...And by night he will always be there G F For his lady to stare G Am . . . . And thus he's never died.

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